Economic Impact of Climate Change

Patrick Harris and Kohei Hotta

Read the oppening section (4 paragraphs) from this website

These sentences and data sets are from Sterm Review:
The benefits of strong, ealry action on climate change outweigh the costs.
The impacts of climate change are not evenly distributed-the poorest countries and people will suffer earliest and most.
And if and when the damages appear it will be too late to reverse the process.Thus we are forced to look a long way ahead.

This picture shows us what might eventually impacts with Greenhouse gas. Also shows us how green house gas effected on temperature.
Stabilisation levels and probability ranges for the temperature increases
Some main economic takeaways from Hot, Flat, and Crowded:
Chapter 3
“Americas” arising across the globe and those nations not learning from our mistakes. Many developing nations across the globe are beginning to industrialize like America has done. However, they are going about it the same way that we did, which we now know is very harmful to the environment but would be very costly to go about it the more energy efficient way.
Chapter 4
Oil rich nations become powerful from their resources, although they might not be the best rulers. Having such a sought after natural resource, such as oil, in your possession due to your nation’s geography can make you rich by pure luck. In oil rich nations, such as the Middle East, abuse this given power and use it in a very unproductive way that causes many problems.
Chapter 9
The hard facts are these: if we sum up the easy, cost-effective, eco-effiency measures we should all embrace, the best we get is a slowing of growth of environmental damage
Chapter 12
Energy efficiency was always the quickest, cheapest, most effective way to create clean power, because the best form of power is the power that doesn’t have to be generated at all because you eliminated demand for it.
Chapter 14
Therefore, the economy with the largest percentage of clean energy sources will have the most certainty around its future energy costs-much more than an economy that is entirely dependent on fossil fuels.

H.O.T. Log Topic #3
  • How Global Climate Change will affect our region's economies
H.O.T. Log Topic #4
  • Which industries will economically benefit from Global Climate Change
H.O.T. Log Topic #5
  • How utilizing wind power will effect the economy
H.O.T. Log Topic #6
  • How the economy will be effected by using nuclear power

Key Sources: The Wall Street Journal , The Economist , US Department of Energy
Key Players: John Holdren
Key Terms: Economy- the system by which money, industry and trade are organized and how global climate change will effect it, Insured/uninsured Damages- Whether or not future damage done by global climate change will be covered by insurance companies (insured) or damage done that is not covered (uninsured)

How many people outside from North America knows that what is most effective way to save energy?
How many people under age of 20 know about non-fossil fuel energy?
How many americans think that GCC will have an impact on the global economy in 100 years
How many people under 20 think that GCC will have have an economic effect on them
How many males think the alternative energy is a wast of money

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Economic Issues
Dependent on oil
Economy itself is in recession, so people might not be able to spend money on Global climate change.
Alternative Energy and action plan
nuclear, solar, wind power and then oppotinutiy for employee
how much water level raising is going to be?
How politician are making plan for Global climate change