Political (grass roots movement vs. political machine)

http://www.350.org/ This article demonstrates the power of the people and the influence people can have on each other.
http://everything2.com/title/lobbyist This shows how people can manipulate politics into believing they are a grass roots movement when in reality they are lobbyists. This has a great effect on the decision that politics make.

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- We would talk about how important grass roots is to the eventually finding the solution since it really is how it started

- Bring up small groups such as project 350, how much of an affect they have already made

- Obama's action plan -
  • what does it say?
  • when will it take affect?
  • will it work?
  • if you could add anything, what would it be?


How many people that believe their family is either good or excellent when it comes to conserving energy, also believe that Obama is doing a better job than Bush?
How many people that believe their family is either good or excellent when it comes to conserving energy, believe that spending money on alternative energy is waste of money?
How many people who agree that grass roots turns into political action also agree that Obama is doing a better job than Bush did?
12 out of 12 (100%)


1. After September 11th, America became obsessed with security and lost its path to global leadership.
2. This chapter focuses on energy supply and demand. Population is growing rapidly and therefore using up all the natural resources. Plans are being thought up to solve problem
3. Media is misleading people into thinking that going green will be easy to achieve. The U.S. should set the right example by starting down the right path to really going green.
4. Just because certain countries are rich and successful because of the oil they have does not make them the best rules. They use their power sometimes for the wrong things.
5. The world has changed dramatically over time. Not all the changes have been bad and in the future, there will be many more to come. This is only the beginning of a very uncertain future.
6. The world should preserve all of its resources and animals before they no longer exist.
7. We should help third-world countries become less energy poverty stricken and in turn, it might help to end poverty in general.
8. If we crackdown and start taking action to fix global climate change, the effects could be tremendous. If people continue to think that global climate change is irreversible, it will be.

Chapter 18

When it comes to the solution of global climate change, people often think of setting up alternative energy sources such as solar panels and turbines or driving hybrid cars. What they forget is that before all of that takes place, it takes one person with an idea to speak up to make difference. With enough work, a movement is born, often called a grass roots movement in which people with a common belief will come together to make their dream come true. With this group, can come change, which is hopefully dramatic and life changing. This of course pertains to global warming in a huge way. All it took was just one scientist to first notice the changes in the Earth’s temperature and it has not been the same since. Now, not only does are there grass roots movements, such as Project 350, but global warming is a huge topic in the world of politics. For some cities, it is vital to solve the issue if they plan to continue living where they are. Other cities plan to improve such issues for economic and public image reasons. Whatever the reason may be, thanks to grass roots movement and politics, the solution to global climate change is getting closer and closer because the word is getting out about the problems we are facing.

Key terms/people (In order of importance from greatest to least)

1. Mr. LaPlante & Mr. Sullivan
2. Al Gore
3. Obama Administration
4. Project 350
5. Colin Campbell
6. Friedman
7. Sonia Shah

H.O.T. Log Questions

3. What is the importance of the grass roots movement and the political machine in terms of global climate change?
4. Did the Bush administration do what was needed to the help the environment? What can be learned from his actions?
5. Why, in the past, has the federal government censored certain scientific discoveries about global warming?
6. Does global warming affect the rest of the world’s relationship with the U.S. in terms of politics?