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Presentation Outline:

A. Introduce what Global Climate Change is.
B. Explain how it effects the world.
1. explain the effects it has on various parts of the world, including our community
C. Show graphs that illustrate the severity of the issue 1. CO2 graphs 2. Temperature graphs
D. Explain ways for people to help prevent this issue. 1. Give various ideas that people have used to help this issue.
E. Close the presentation with a recap of the information we gave.
F. Answer questions from the audience.

SA Problem Solvers:

Hot Log 3
Grass Roots Movement vs. Political Machine
In today’s world there are many different ways of dealing with our issue of global climate change. Some people have argued over the differences between a Grass Roots Movement and a Political Machine. It has been debated weather there is a difference or if this is just an unnecessary issue brought up by the people to feel more involved. However it has become evident through our research that there is a vast difference in these two groups. Many Grass Roots groups spark from common citizens who want to get a point across to the higher political powers and wish to make a difference. The desire to make a change was shown by the group who made Project 350. Project 350 is group who has made it their goal to bring the carbon dioxide levels of the United states and possibly the world down to 350 parts per million. Today’s current CO2 count in 385 PPM. On the website it states, “if humanity wishes to preserve a planet similar to that on which civilization developed and to which life on Earth is adapted, paleoclimate evidence and ongoing climate change suggest that CO2 will need to be reduced from its current 385 ppm to at most 350 ppm.” This Grass Roots movement has made it their goal to reach out and draw the attention of the Political Machine and use the political power to make a much necessary change. They try to reach out to be like newly elected president Barack Obama, and get them to attend one of their services. They also present petitions signed by “x” amount of people that want to see a change and show it to a high positioned politic with hopes that the message gets sent out to the Political Machine. I believe that this has already happened. This was seen in Obama’s inaugural address. He stated that America must use all natural resources of energy if we wish to continue as a successful nation. Overall the Political Machine only follows rules and laws after they have been made whereas Grass Roots Movements are the heart and soul behind the push for those laws and petitions. If the Political Machine can coexist with the Grass Roots Movements then it is only a matter of time before we see a change in country for the good


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D'Agostino, T
Tommaso D'Agostino
Global Climate Change

HOT Log #1

In class we have discussed the conflict of referring to our current global problem as Global Warming or Global Climate Disruption. Many people do not know much about the global issue that the world is dealing with these days, and I believe this comes as a result of people being misinformed. I truly believe that calling this problem Global Climate Disruption will open people’s eyes. This will happen because it will make people more aware of this issue by emphasizing the severity of the problem. Some people may not thin that Global Warming is a bad thing. People think that this means they will have longer summers and warmer winters. This may be true but it comes as a result of the destruction of Earth that humans contribute to. Studies taken by Texan A&M scientists in March of 2008 show that people do not feel responsible for Global Climate Disruption. People do not know that the heating of the planet is melting the polar ice caps and raising the water levels of the ocean. Even if people know that this is happening, they may not believe “Global Warming” is a bad thing. However, I believe if we refer to this issue as Global Climate Disruption, then people will begin to realize that disrupting the world climate is a problem. I think this title is more realistic than Global Warming. The motive for this name comes from the idea that people believe it is a simple way to describe a big crisis. It is necessary that we have a serious name for a serious issue. We need to get the people of America and the rest of the world to understand the problems in today’s world. Although people may want summer year round and warm weather, I think their opinions would change if they were to gain more knowledge on Global Climate Disruption.

Cited Info
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Tommaso D’Agostino Global Climate Change

Is Global Climate Change Real?

There are many people who deny the fact that Global Climate Change is a real issue. Some people believe that it is a minor problem that is hyped up by everyone for no reason. However, it has become evident that Global Climate Change is very real. It has been seen through the points made by Al Gore in his attempt to further educate people who have minimal knowledge on the subject. Gore’s movie has proven the effects that Global Climate Change has had on our world. There is not other reason for the melting of massive ice caps in both the north and south poles. If half of Antarctica and Greenland were to melt than Earth’s see levels would raise 40 feet. Causing for flooding of places like Venice, Most of Florida and many others. A simple way to describe Global Climate Change or Global Warming is easily described as the heating of Earth from greenhouse gases. This happens when heat from the Sun comes to heat up Earth and then becomes trapped in our atmosphere due to the thickness of the ozone layer that people have created by using too many fossil fuels. This causes the rise in temperature on our planet and results in the melting of ice caps and drying of rivers all over the world. Many people argue that this is simply a natural cause and the Earth is following a heat pattern that it has followed for thousands of years. On their website, Dana L. Royer and Robert Berner together have collected data of CO2 levels and created charts that make it clear that CO2 is directly related to the rise of Earth’s temperature over the past hundred years ( Global Climate Change is a very real problem that we must deal with. We can no longer ignore the concrete facts.

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