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Hi Kohei: please change your prose into formal English. Be sure to follow grammar and usage (ask if you need help with capitalization) rules. Also elaborate more on the group analysis project and your writing goals. --Mr. Sullivan
Writing Goals

Write early
Get sources ealry
Make some one proof read it

Global Climate Change
Global climate disruption is a better description than global warming. According to the blog, global warming is inaccurate. It is also a term created by the media. Global warming sounds like it is getting warmer everywhere, but the problems that we are having not only temperature is getting warmer. There are many more problems such as, polar caps are melting, sea levels rising, more possibility of getting hurricane etc. Since it is a term created by the media, they want to stick with it, because people are going to be like what is Global climatic disruption even though it describes truly what is happening to us. When people hear about global climatic disruption, they are very curious to know what is going on; but when they hear the term “global warming” is just like it is getting warmer. But Global climatic change could have more impact on people. I think it will be a better term because it makes me want to know more about it since I do not know what is going on.
Kulpinski, Dan. How does "Global Climatic Change" sound? 29 Feb. 2008. 9 Dec.
2008 <

Global Climate change
Global climate change is real, because there are many studies come out by scientists, comparing from what we have in the past and what is happening right now. For example, there are many observations of increasing air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising sea levels. Eleven of the last twelve years (1995-2006) rank among the 12 warmest years ever recorded since global surface temperatures are measured (1850). We have been recording temperatures since 1850, and 12 warmest years are recorded in 11 years. This has to be something wrong with global climate change. The studies show past climate show that the overall temperatures of the last half century is unusual in at least the previous 1300 years. The last time the Polar Regions were significantly warmer than present for an extended period (about 125,000 years ago), reductions in polar ice volume led to 4 to 6 meters of sea level rise. This is something going on with global climate change, because in order to go back to the time it is warmer than now is 125,000 years ago, also it is during the last interglacial period. From what scientists show to us, global climate change is real, it has been happening.
"Scientific Facts on global Climate change." Green Facts. 2007. 15 Dec. 2008

How Global climate change will affect our religion’s economics? Global climate change will affect Northeast economy where Suffield Academy is located. Global climate change is tightly connected with economics.
“Current energy supply and demand equilibria will be disrupted as electricity consumption climbs when demand grows in peak summer months. At the same time, delivering adequate supply of electricity may become more expensive because of extreme weather “(the US economic impacts of climate change and the costs of inaction page1)
Because temperature is increasing higher over previous years, people use more air conditioner during summer time, which will produce a lot of co2 when it runs. At the same time, the cost of air conditioner will be expensive so that is good for these air conditioner’s company makes more profits, but for as people need to pay more money. Since global climate change is melting polar-ice that causes raises of sea levels, public transportation will be damage. For example, in the New York metropolitan area alone there are 48 major transit facilities at 10 feet or fewer above sea levels according to Northeast-economic impacts of global climate change. If this happens, people get damaged because people will not be able to go to work and cause a lot of troubles in economically. A lot of money to fix this plus workers cannot get to place to work.
The Center for Integrative Environmental Research (CIER) . Dept. home page. 22Oct. 2008. University of Maryland. 20 Jan. 2009 < index.html>.

Outline for Chapel
First we should talk about what is global climate change is, because not knowing what we are presenting will be bad. So we should explain to everyone what it is.
*Some People do not believe it
We also should talk about how some people do not believe that global climate change IS NOT going on. So we should talk about it.
*Start explaining how global climate change is going on right now
Right now I don’t know what to say in here, but as we go through in class, we’ll find much information about global climate change, so we should talk about that
I think we should not conclude this whole thing, we should leave question and be like what can we do to save this??

News presentation
Cop14 didnt agree to get long-term goal for helping global climate change but they couldnt agree. so they need to set up meeting
and talk about this.Other than that it wont stop, and this will be bad for everyone.
This article is about japanese government is helping develop countries to bulit a railroad. It helps decrease Co2 because they dont use car as much if they have railroad. this also can help out Kyoto Protocol, so it costs money but there are merit for both of us.

Outline for Friedman
A, Turkish and Muslims attacking British buildings
B.Secutiry of bulidings
C, America takes leadership in the world

A, World’s population increasing
B, Problem of Co2
C, Energy problem facing the whole world

A, countries didn’t take lesson from our mistake
B, problems in China
C, problems in India

A, Middle East’s problem
B, Islam’s problem
C, Oil’s problem

A, Natural Disasters
B, Ipcc report
C, the wired whether in Europe killing people

Chapter 6
A, Nature and natural disease
B, it is happening all over the world
C, these problems are going on now, so we have to do something now not later

Chapter 7
A, Energy problems in Africa
B, if global climate change keeps increasing, we will be having another energy problem
C, energy poverty and hot, flat, and crowed world.

Chapter 8
A, Energy climate era
B, Code-green
C, Energy efficiency

Friedman Golden lines

The best way for America to get its "groove' back - is for us to take the lead in solving the world's big problem. In a world that getting hot,falt,crowed,the task of creating the tools,sytems, energy sources, and ethic that will allow the planet to grow in cleaner,more sustainable ways is going to be the biggest challenge of our lifetime.

So we had better understand this new era we're heading into. the operative word here is "new". We need to stop thinking of ourselves as "post" something-postcolonial,postwar,post-cold war,post-post cold war. Those era are meaningless today. Wash them out of your mind. They explain nothing about where are we now.

There is still time for China and others to adopt a different approach, but,again, it is unlikey to happen unless we show them the way.

An America addicted to oil has never figured out how todeal with this Phenomenon.

Many climate-change deniers argue that the variability of the earth's orbit and the different solar radiation impacts that this has on the planet- and only those factors- are what account for the big temperature fluctuations. They Claims that human activities have no real effect.

This is why,at the end of the day, this biodiversity issue is not jsut about saving nature- it is equally about saving humanity, says Edward O. Wilson. it is about understanding who we are as a species and deciding how we intend to continue living on this planet and relating to its natural environment.

Chapter 7
It is hard to believe in this day and age, but the world bank estimates that roughly 1.6 billion people-one out of four people on the planet- don’t have regular access to an electricity grid. Every night is a black out for 1.6 billion

We need a new clean energy system to drive our enomies forward and bring more people out of poverty without despoiling our planet and therefore the countries, communities and companies that invent and deploy clean power technologies mos effectively will have a dominant placein tommorow’s global economy.

1,i think that was telling my opinion to them, so that they can agree/disagree with it.
2,yes i was? but when i disagree its important that you speek up.
3,no i told everything to them, since its small group, you dont feel that much pressure compared to when your speaking to your entire class.