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Brooke Tashjian
Global Climate and Change
The expression Global Climactic Disruption is a much more a sufficient term than Global Warming. Global Warming has become a main issue in today’s political and social topics. Many people do not necessarily believe that Global Warming is anything different than what has happened in Earth’s history, gradually alternating between Ice ages and warming periods. The term Global Climactic Disruption makes this warming seem unnatural. The use of the word ‘disruption’ gives people the feeling of fear, that something is drastically going to change. This term also implies that humanity is causing this disruption. Al Gore, in his movie An Inconvenient Truth stated, “You look at that river gently flowing by. You notice the leaves rustling with the wind…you feel the grass…It's quiet; it's peaceful. And all of a sudden, it's a gearshift inside you. And it's like taking a deep breath and going, ‘Oh yeah, I forgot about this.” This is a great quote that shows the human disturbance and disruption of natures beauty. So many people are willing to forget about nature and continue with environmentally harmful works. Gore stated that people would be more likely to believe in Global Warming if events were to happen drastically, suddenly, orphaning millions of families.
Thomas L. Friedman shows a satirical article in his book Hot, Flat, and Crowded that drastically addresses the disruption of our planet’s climate change. A newspaper entitled “The Onion” gives a humorous article which talks about canceling an entire season out of the worlds calendar year, “Fall, the long running series of shorter days and cooler nights, was canceled earlier this week after nearly 3 billion seasons on Earth…The classic period of the year… will be replaced by new, stifling humidity levels, near-constant sunshine, and almost no precipitation for months,” (111). By using this passage, Friedman helps to emphasize his point of how drastically our world is changing. Our Earth’s health is running a fever; the natural course of its climate is being disrupted by the polluted way of modern civilization; global temperatures rising almost 1.1 degree! Global Warming does not give the correct tone for what is happening. It sounds tropical, pleasant, and nice whereas Global Climactic Disruption expresses that this phenomenon is worldwide, happening now, and needs to be addressed.

Although many people choose not to believe in it, Global Climate and Change is real. Facts have been shown and data has been collected over the years to scientifically prove the increase of our earth’s temperature. Many people are skeptical to believe this because they think that an increase in global climate is a regular and natural occurrence that has happened before and will happen again. The climate cycle that our planet is on these days is such a drastic difference from its past, “the temperature has risen by around 1 degree centigrade over the last 150 years. A rise in average temperature of 3 degrees centigrade could result in the melting of glaciers and icecaps, and widespread flooding”[[#_ftn1|[1]]]. This is due to the human effect on the earth natural resources, people are greedy by natural habit and in choosing not to face and fix the issue they are choosing to kill our planet. If people could do the simplest things like changing to wind and solar power, using less or no pesticides, and buy reusable grocery bags then we could help to save our planet. Many people choose not to do this because a lot of this is expensive and they feel like nothing is going to happen in their time. What people need to understand is that something already is happening, and if they do nothing now our planet may not be able to sustain life in a few hundred years.

Today many new forms of alternative energy are emerging into our lives. Though many ideas like geothermal energy and harnessing wind and solar power have been talked about for decades, today they are being used more and more. Geothermal energy seems to be the most efficient of energy efficient heating and cooling. It takes up no room, can be placed in cities, suburbs, under water, and in all types of climates. Geothermal energy harnesses the earth’s natural thermal resources. This system decreases the amount of money spent on heating and cooling of a house up to 70%, sometimes even only costing one dollar a day ( If homes across the country began to use this system the carbon output of our nation would be equivilant to as if we made “58,700 cars.. zero-emission vehicles” or planted a forest of “more than 120,000 acres of trees,” ( This is only one type of change that we as a global community can make, and in doing it we better our economy also. If we were to harness solar power like wind, yes we would be taking up a lot of land, but we would also be bettering the health of our globe so that we can have more time to figure out what else there is that we can do which will take up less land, be more visually pleasing (although I think wind turbines are gorgeous) and even more efficient, which today seems almost impossible. We can shingle the tops and sides of buildings with solar panels and glass, which allow natural sun and heat to be harnessed for renewable energy. All of these systems will dramatically decrease our addiction to oil and foreign commerce and trade, allowing each nation to prosper on its own before the need to prosper through others.

Lately many cars have changed into electronic or hybrid charged mobiles. Today on our planet, cars are causing one of the biggest CO2 emissions problems that our earth is faced with today. China even stopped the use of cars over the summer to de-pollute the air for the Olympics. Today the biggest known alternative car is the Toyota Prius. More and people are beginning to drive this car, which virtually makes no sound, and has a gas electric engine. The batteries that the car uses are environmentally friendly and recyclable. “Rated at 52 miles-per-gallon (MPG) in the city and 45 MPG on the highway, the Prius goes an average of 60 percent farther on a gallon than other comparably sized sedans.” The Prius not only has great fuel efficiency, but with the fluxuating change of oil prices the use of solar power in the car continues to amaze people. The car has been in development for over 10 years and has been said to create a 40% decrease of unhealthy carbon emission produced by cars.

Wind turbines vs Hydropower technology. Their benefits and negatives.

Wind on our planet is a solar energy. In order to increase energy efficiency on our planet we need to harness the power of the sun. one of the most controversial ways to do this is through the use of wind turbines and hydro power turbines. Wind turbines take up a lot of land and have been said to kill air bound animals, but seems to be one of the most effective and efficient ways of harnessing free energy. For those who do not quite understand how these work, “a wind turbine works the opposite of a fan. Instead of using electricity to make wind, like a fan, wind turbines use wind to make electricity”[[#_ftn1|[1]]] Hydropower turbines are the same thing just placed in the water so as not to use up precious land, harm animal environment, and so the wind is not disrupted by the trees, hills, and other natural land obstructions. Below is a picture of how the turbines work, as simply put before. America has taken up several wind turbine farms, but the leading country is Switzerland which is powered mainly by these machines. The energy is stored underground in what is like a battery, this is what is controversial though because it hasn’t been quite determined how to store the energy and to determine how much energy certain areas will need. This creates a bit of a problem when it comes time to shut the turbines off due to a storm or heavy wind. All in all though with a bit more progress in study and use of the machines, wind turbines should be able to harness great power in from the sun and benefit our warming world. external image clip_image002.png

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