Scientific Method by Norman Edmund Scientific Method

Scientists avoid the word Proof

Scientific Method: What's a good web site that describes or defines the scientific method? What's a good interdisciplinary application of the Scientific method? Just as we learned how John P. Snow used this method in his 19th century work in London's SOHO water issue, is there another great example for global warming?

Other possible topics/problems of study:

Application of biodiversity study:
Honey and Native Bees: program on 7/21/08: We could study native bee populations.

Why is the creation and application of the survey a a good method?

How do our results compare with national trends? following video from Gallup Poll shows a poll where individual Americans were asked: "Will global warming pose a serious threat to you or your way of life in your lifetime?" 58% responded no; 40% responded yes. March 6-9, 2008. (Should we Google the weather report for those days?)

Here is an interesting link from Gallup that we could use as a model for the types of questions and its methodology (see bottom). Feb. 2008:

A news article from the UK's Guardian about a poll conducted "by Ipsos MORI, found widespread contradictions, with some people saying politicians were not doing enough to tackle the problem, even though they were cynical about government attempts to impose regulations or raise taxes. In a sign of the enormous task ahead for those pushing for drastic cuts to carbon emissions, many people said they did not want to restrict their lifestyles and only a small minority believe they need to make 'significant and radical' changes such as driving and flying less." June 2008: