SA Problem Solvers:

Adam Booth
I believe that the term Global Climatic Disruption (GCD) is a better way to phrase the problem then global warming due to the fact that these two terms have two different meanings. I believe that global warming should be a tag put on to something that is gradual and isn’t effected by any outside source, in this case people. When the Earth moves into an Ice ages, which could be considered a global cooling. It is just the way the earth works and doesn’t exactly describe a situation of humans decreasing the temperature due to something that they are doing to effect the environment.
GCD works because it describes what man is doing to the Earth, disrupting its natural flow. The Earth, in its existence, has gone through periods, which it became warm, and others where it became icy and cold. This is just the cycle of the earth as it was. But the condition of the Earth today tells a worse story than anything that has been recognized by scientists. We have not only sped up the process of the earth warming, but have begun to destroy the surface and atmosphere to the point where it is unrecognizable. We are creating many disruptions. A disruption in our air quality, a disruption in the water levels, a disruption in the protective ozone layer, and a disruption in the life’s of not only ourselves but the plants and animals around us.
This disruption can be fixed if we take the time and energy to do it. But to just say that this is “global warming” and not something a bit bigger would be foolish. It is a disruption and it cannot be classified as anything but. However we can get back on track. But halting these disruptions that we are creating. In conclusion the GCD is the best way to describe what is happening to the earth.

1. We should start of by explaining what global climate change is
2. The talk about the effects on the world
3. Talk about the effects on our community
4. Talk about things we can do as a school
5. Speak on economical benefits
6. Long term benefits
7. Talk about how better our world will be once this problem is solved

The article that i was looking at talks about the ineffectiveness of the current administration in the White House. They talk about how the best and the brightest are trying to pass a bill and make climate control an actual law. However this bill had to go through several revisions before it could be excepted as something the president could consider.

Hot Log 2
Adam Booth
Fact, global climate change is real. Many examples have proven this to be so from the increased global climates temperatures, the increased water levels, and melting of the polar ice caps to name a few. How ever people do not believe that any of these events mean anything. The question is how can anyone argue something that has so much physical proof. They mainly are conspiracy theorists that look to poke holes in everything the government tells you what is going on. This case is no different. The government and head officials are telling us the earth is dying and we are killing it. But because of it coming from that source the skeptics don’t want to believe any of it. People like the non-believers are the reasons that we can’t progress in saving the Earth.
The first reason that these skeptics’ thoughts that global warming is wrong is because they are just fighting the power and the media. CNN speaks on the global crisis when some of it best reporters and top researchers to educate the masses that this is a real threat. Schools and organizations across the country have begun to create “going green” groups and taking the time to make their campus and places of business more eco-friendly. People like the former vice-president Al Gore have spent their life work trying to educate and try to advert this tragedy form happing. But then you have the non-believers from saying, “Arguments based on science, news, and common sense. This site is non-partisan and non-religious based. In fact we fight the new faith based religion of global warming. Don't keep arguing the subject, just tell them to go to!” ( This site clams it is viewed by every major group in the United States, from NASA, and EPA, to The UN and the Office of the President. In a country in which we believe in free speak; one would understand why a site like this would exist. But sites like this need to be shut down as they are wrongly informing people.
The main threat that people have in trying to save the planet is the naysayers. The people who don’t take the world crisis seriously, which probably consists of the people that say we never went to the moon, is making this more of an uphill battle then it already was. Its time that the real truth comes out, global warming is real.

Second Article
This Article discribes on how doing something as easy as getting a cup of coffee can help save the lives of wild life and forests alike in the area.

Which groups I want to be in.
I would like to join the two groups of alternative energy's and how we can get the community involved. I believe I posses a decent amount of communication and people skills which will benefit when it comes with trying to get Suffield to do it's part in stopping this crisis. I also have done much research into finding out different ways that I can at home make my house more eco-friendly and I can bring that to the table with the alternative energy group

Outline for HFC
Chapter One:
It is a discussion of post 9/11 America. The security was increased to ridiculous amounts, and we declared war on other countries. The problem was we never acted like a country that was at war as we did in the past.
Chapter Two:
The problem addressed here are the main themes of the book. The issues are the population is growing in large amounts, the global temperature is growing making the world hotter, and we lack the discrepancy that we use to posses in the middle class.
Chapter Three:
Many countries are trying to duplicate the American lifestyle. The problem is that they aren’t doing it the same was the United States did, and are harming the environment in the process. However, to change there ways would be costly and that’s why it is not done.
Chapter Four:
This chapter looks at the abuse of power in oil rich areas. The people who are rich are rich by only the fact that they have oil in there area due to the geography of their particular country. This overall causes problems since these people may not always be the best rulers.
Chapter Five:
The earth is always changing, but the changed that is seen now is happening at a more rapid rate then ever. In a short time our world is changing faster then if let naturally to go. Yet, these changes are only the beginning.
Chapter Six:
Save the species of the earth. We as humans are contributing to the extinction of plants and animals that will affect our way of life eventually. We should try to help save these creatures, not destroy them.
Chapter Seven:
Sharing energy to poverty-stricken countries. The thought is that if energy got to these countries in a timely way some of the overall global issues that they are having would be neutralized thus making an impact on the world as a whole.
Chapter Eight:
This gives some of the best examples of how we can change our lifestyle to help with the environmental crisis.

True or false
1. Solar panels only work when it is sunny
2. Solar panels ruin the landscape
3. Geothermal energy only works in warm areas
4. Wind power isn’t reliable
5. Nuclear is too dangerous

This article speaks on how plankton have been helping in storing carbon for centuries.