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Hot Log#4
Will alternative energy prevent global climate change and the greenhouse effect?

The damage from releasing carbon dioxide cannot be reversed or in other words be prevented. Global warming has already occurred and is still occurring. Due to the massive amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere it is imperative that Americans do something so people can lessen the amount of CO2 they release in the atmosphere. Alternative energy is much more efficient as well as safer for the atmosphere. Solar energy makes so much more sense to use other than fossil fuels. Although the materials needed create the solar power is expensive and economically the U.S. is struggling, in the long run it would be beneficial. Sooner or later the amount of fossil fuel will be almost nothing because the demand for the newer technologies, that require fossil fuels to make it work, is becoming higher. Said simpler, the demand for new technology is rising and the supply of fossil fuel is decreasing. Because Americans are so modern the likely hood of them giving up or trying to use less products that require burning fossil fuels is very small.
Scientists keep on coming up with alternative solar energy resources that seem pretty reasonable. If only these ideas could be taken into some consideration it could improve our atmosphere. Such as professor Michael Bernitsas in this article I found.
We can use slow moving ocean and river waves for a new, reliable and affordable alternative energy source. A University of Michigan engineer has developed a device that acts like a fish that turns the potentially destructive vibrations in water into clean, renewable energy. This machine is named as VIVACE ( Vortex Induced Vibrations for Aquatic Clean Energy). It is the first known device that could draw energy from most water currents around the world, according to a statement from the University of Michigan. "There won't be one solution for the world's energy needs," VIVACE developer Michael Bernitsas, a professor at the U-M department of naval architecture and marine engineering, said in the statement. "But if we could harness 0.1 percent of the energy in the ocean, we could support the energy needs of 15 billion people."
Global Climate Change wont be able to be prevented because it has already started but the use of alternative energy can help stop such a high level of CO2. But it is “our” responsibility to take action and use these alternatives.

Hot Log #3: Is the supply of fossil fuel decreasing?

My Goals
-To elaborate more on my ideas
-To have others edit my work
-Use correct terms
-Do more research before writing
Hot log #1
Is Global Climate Disruption a better description than Global Warming?
From what the media has displayed on television, magazines and the Internet, Global Warming has been viewed as a disaster changing drastically through the melting of snowcaps. Yes, it has to do with the melting of snowcaps but it also has to do a great deal with other issues. The usage of fossil fuels all over the globe has created a huge issue financially for people everywhere.
I happen to agree with changing the name to Global Climate Disruption. The weather around the world has changed so much, creating horrible natural disasters as well as adding the extinction of animals. Not only is it causing the world to become warmer Global Warming is also causing a massive disruption all across the globe. These natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina have made life so much harder for the people that had once lived in that area.
I think that it would be very appropriate to change the name because it could also spread more awareness about the issue as well as attract a bigger audience. Not only will this attract more people, the name itself gives the viewer a better understanding on what is going on in the world. I think it is important that people are informed about this issue because it affects everyone but it can also be solved if we work as a whole. This has to start up in little communities such as Suffield Academy and work it’s way up as awareness progresses.
Having done some research I came across a pretty valuable site that supports my opinion. Democracy Now! Interviewed a man named John Holdren, a leading scientist in the study of “Global Warming”. During the interview he said, “Global warming is misleading. It implies something that’s mainly about temperature, that’s gradual, and that’s uniform across the planet. In fact, temperature is only one of the things that are changing. It’s sort of an index of the state of the climate.” I happen to agree with this statement. More then just the temperature is being affected. I think the world would have a different understanding on what is going on if the name were to be changed.
The global warming issue needs to be taken more seriously and if the name were to change, more people would become interested in the idea and realize how much of a disruption it really is to the world.
H.O.T Log #2
Is global Climate change real? If so, what are some specific reasons that denial and skepticism are invalid?
Scientist have predicted that global warming is an on going event but skeptics still decide to hide in the dark and pretend that none of this is happening. They may just have the feeling that this happens every so million years so it might as well happen again. Or maybe even that the global warming that is occurring can’t be changed, so why try to stop it. I believe that mostly people are just scared “(CNN) -- Between 1.5 trillion and 2 trillion tons of ice in Greenland, Antarctica and Alaska have melted at an accelerating rate since 2003, according to NASA scientists, in the latest signs of what they say is global warming.” Even news such as this won’t wake these people up and realize what’s going on? Well maybe that’s why Suffield Academy has created a course such as Global Climate Change.
1st Outline for Chapel Presentation

1. What the class thinks is a good definition of global climate change should be explained.
2. Then a brief explanation on theories and changes of the climate
3. Also before the presentation I think that we should take a survey to the whole student body as well as faculty asking whether they think global warming or global disruption is a better description of what’s happening to the world
4. Then we can inform students that there are people that believe that this global warming is not being caused by humans
5. I think that a power point would be very convenient as well as entertaining to the students in the audience. And if we show them what is actually occurring by using pictures and video we can really make an impact on them to maybe change their carbon footprint.
6. Having said that we could do a brief explanation of what a carbon footprint is and how they can change their own carbon footprint.

Article #1
“An Honest Carbon Tax Is Simplest and Best Green Plan” Wall Street journal
This article explains that Carbon Taxing would be a much more sufficient way to decrease carbon in the atmosphere. Not only would the environment benefit but also the Taxpayers. “Each dollar of carbon tax revenue would trigger a dollars worth of reduction in existing taxes, most likely a payroll tax. I thought that this would be good to use in chapel but used as a question. Whether or not they think it would be a god idea for the U.S.
Ch.1This chapter explains the impact of 9/11 and how lives were completely changed by how bad the economy became after the heart breaking terrorist attack. Even the number of travelers or visitors to the U.S. dropped 10% within in 2004-2005, where as the business travelers increased by 8% in foreign countries.
Ch.2 This chapter starts to explain the whole hot topic occurring now days. With the over population and the hot weather we receive in the summer. We now live on earth with a staggering 6.7 billion people. On pg 28 Friedman tells us that it is estimated that it should increase by 2.5billion in around 43 years. Talk about crowded.
Ch.3 Chapter four explains the increase in industrialization on other countries. Pretty much saying that they are going to some day use as much fossil fuels and carbon as we do and release into the atmosphere because of how fast their economies are growing. Friedman feels that this needs to be addressed before it becomes worse
Ch.4 Chapter four explains the advantage that oil-owning countries have vs. countries that don’t. This really puts U.S. in a disadvantage because of our lack of oil and right now a major oil sources are in the countries that we are invading.
Ch.5 Global warming leaves the polar bears to suffer. With the large increase in weather the polar caps start to melt leaving little to no ice in the water for the polar bears to be able to hunt for food in the water. The vast change has made it difficult for many animals in the world today.
Ch.6This chapter emphasizes on the loss of many creatures and the endangering of them. These animals are crucial to world and our economy. This is a major issue that Friedman feels that collectively the world needs to help preserve the animals that we have left.
Ch.7Although North American is overwhelmed with having energy and the demand for higher technology, third world countries don’t even have house where they can flick on a switch. Freidman explains that if we were to share North Americas energy source this could lessen the use of it as well as help others in need of electronics.
Ch.8 This explains ways in which the world collectively can help stop global warming. The key is to start with baby steps and work our way up. First starting with local communities such as SA and then moving upward into state wide and so on and so worth. To bring up awareness as well as lessening the use of fossil fuels
6.Group Analysis/assesment
1. Great
2. Great
3. Great
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5. Effective
1. Original outline’s examples
2. Yes
3. No