H.O.T. Logs

Higher Order Thinking Logs are our weekly writing assignments. They will be due on Wednesday, and they will be graded and returned in class on Friday for your revision. It is very important that you meet the weekly deadline; because of the creative nature of these assignments, you will have each topic a week in advance. H.O.T. Logs will be shared by posting on our Wiki in addition to occasional presentation of your ideas to the class.

Grading Rubric

When we evaluate these documents, we are essentially looking for three main ingredients:


The writer displays his/her ideas in a cogent manner. The writer uses formal prose and has organized his/her ideas to create fluency in the document; this fluency allows the reader to follow the development of at least two threads. The writer has eliminated grammatical and spelling errors.

Citation of Textual Evidence

The writer exploits a profound passage from our texts, videos, electronic media, or other materials to create a focus. Click here for the history department's powerpoint on plagiarism.


The writer clearly illuminates a connection between at least two academic disciplines, such as science and economics, science and history, geography and history, literature and meteorology or any other disciplines.


  1. Is Global Climatic Disruption a better description than Global Warming? Examples:
  2. Is Global Climate Change real? If so, what are some specific reasons that denial and skepticism are invalid?
  3. Topics determined by each of five chapel groups (Scientific, Economic, Political, Alternative Energy, Action Plans)