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Hot Log #1

Is Global Climatic Disruption a better description than Global Warming?
Global climatic disruption is a better description for what is happening to the Earth than global warming because even though the Earth is warming, it is overall causing a huge disruption to the climate more than anything else. While some places are getting warmer, because of this, other places are getting colder. For example, big lakes in certain areas are not freezing over during the winter because it is too warm. This is global warming. But because of that warming, which leads to more evaporation of the lakes than usual, other places are getting snow when they have not in the past. This seems like more of a disruption than warming. Another reason that it should be called global climatic disruption is because the problem has to do with more than just the temperature is rising. One thing that is a huge problem is that the ocean levels are rising. Because the polar ice caps are melting, the sea has been rising causing a huge problem for those close to the sea. Not only that, but the carbon emissions entering the air at a dramatically high rate are destroying the o-zone layer and causing the greenhouse affect. Therefore, while it is considered global warming, the problems we are facing are better described as climatic disruption because of how much the temperature affects the climate.

Hot Log #2

Is Global Climate Change real? If so, what are some specific reasons that denial and skepticism are invalid?
Is global climate change real? While a very serious question that faces our society today, the answer is quite clear. Yes. In fact, it is almost impossible to say that global climate change is not happening. Over the past thirty years alone, the overall global temperature has risen so quickly in comparison to years before it, that it leaves little doubt left to whether or not it truly exists. Everywhere, people are saying that the summers are getting harsher and the winters are getting milder. If winter is not mild, it is extremely harsh. The climate is fluctuating dramatically. To be so out of wack means there is something terribly wrong going on. The problem is not much of a mystery though. In fact, it is quite obvious. The reason behind the dramatic climate change is people. People are emitting toxins into the air, burning fossil fuels and dumping trash into the oceans. Before people began doing such things, the rise is temperature was evident, but not nearly as dramatic. Scientists have shown that there have been many ice ages in the past, and also say that it will happen again in the near future. The only difference though between the past ice ages and the one coming in the future is that the past ones did not arrive nearly as quickly. While humans are trying to make their lives easier by using technology, they are in fact making things more difficult because they are making the ice age arrive faster The time between now and the next ice age is being made shorter everyday by people who emit carbon emissions into the air or burn fossil fuels. If people cut down on such habits, they might be able to slow down or even fix the very obvious problem known today as global climate change.

Hot Log #3

What is the importance of the grass roots movement and the political machine in terms of global climate change?
What really is the importance the two when it comes to global climate change? To begin with, the simple explanation for a grass roots movement is when a group of people chooses to start a movement and from then on, the group as a whole runs the movement. A political machine on the other hand is when the group decides to appoint a leader in charge of everyone in hopes that by only one person making all the decisions, they will be more successful in getting their point across to others. If both are done correctly, then both of them could be extremely successful. This is vital for the “going green” movement because one of the most important things about it is to get the word out. One example of a grass roots movement pertaining to global climate change is the Project 350. One specific person does not run this group, everyone that is part of it does. It gets the word out through the Internet describing its goal to lower the “parts per million” of carbon dioxide from around 375 down to 350 globally. In order to achieve such goals, millions of people around the world will have to act. The site has a simple request to getting such a thing done, “tell people.” This could mean doing something as simple as changing a light bulb. If every family in the U.S. used CFL light bulbs, we would reduce our carbon footprint by ninety billions pounds. Something so simple could make such a difference. Global warming is more “akin to buying fire insurance and installing sprinklers and new wiring in an old, irreplaceable house (the home planet) than to fighting a fire already raging." If everyone listened to this, they might realize there is still a chance. If they prepare for the future instead of dwelling on past mistakes, they might realize they can make a difference. The only problem is that not everyone has listened and that is why its so important that such things as grass roots movements and political machines exist. They can enlighten everyone. They can be the ones to show everyone how to “install the sprinklers” for the future.

Hot Log #4

Did the Bush administration do what was needed to the help the environment? What can be learned from his actions?
When looking back at the eight years Bush has been in office, it seems like there is another thing to be add to Bush’s list of blunders. The addition of course is how he handled the global climate change problem. Instead of facing the problem head on, he managed to almost completely ignore the problem altogether. This is a huge issue for the nation in its entirety considering it is one of the countries that faces the most amounts of problems with global climate change. In fact, for over a century, the United States has been the largest carbon emitter out of any other country. Not only is this problem getting worse, but what kind if message is this sending to other countries about the United States? The country with the worst amount of problems is being lead by a leader who is doing almost absolutely nothing about it. Throughout his time in the White House, the only time Bush actually managed to do something was towards the end of his presidency. Before that, Bush did everything but say that global warming does not exist. He evaded questions, and postponed putting out statements that pertained to global warming. During his reelection, to make sure he was in good-standings with his conservative supporters, he went out of his way to not have to answer climate change questions. He also bragged during his campaign about programs he supported such as “Healthy Forests,” and “Clear Skies.” The only problem with these programs is that they do not lower the greenhouse emissions rate, just lower the intensity of them. He then waited almost four years before finally admitting that there was a problem. He did this by enacting a new global warming policy that hopes to lower the greenhouse emissions rate by 2025. But as Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) said the plan was "too little, too late." By doing so little, Bush is setting a bad example for the rest of the country. If the president is not doing anything, than why should everyone else? That could be the logic filling many American’s brains. This leads to American’s continuing their everyday life, emitting thousands of pounds of carbon into the air, furthering the global climate change disaster. Fortunately for the United States, with the new president, comes new hope. From seeing how badly Bush handled the problem, Obama can learn from his mistakes and instead of continuing down that path, he can move in the right direction and hopefully restore the countries bad image.

Hot Log #5

Why, in the past, has the federal government censored certain scientific discoveries about global warming?
During the time of the Bush administration, it seems that the federal government had done a few shady things that when brought to light, did not exactly make them look good in the eyes of the public. When several groups of scientists tried to publish works or send statements to the president regarding global climate change, the federal government allegedly intervened and asked said scientists to censor certain parts of their findings. In fact, when a group of 279 climate scientists were polled, an average of two in five scientists said that their papers had been edited in some way by government agencies. The same article that says that, also states, “Nearly half of the 279 said in response to another question that at some point they had been told to delete reference to "global warming" or "climate change" from a report." But why would the government go to such lengths to cover up something that is so obviously true? A good possible answer to this is that the president at the time, whose key supporters were a group of very conservative people, did not want to lose those supporters, but also lose popularity by being recognized as the president who did nothing. If the public knew that global climate change was as bad as the scientists who wrote those papers said it was, they would be appalled at the lack of action their president was taking to fix the problem. The only issue was that if the president wanted to keep him supporters, he would waste his time on such an absurd topic that they believed to be nonsense. Therefore, the president had a conundrum on his hands. Should he keep his supporters happy or the public happy? In his case, he went with both by masking the problem at hand making it seem like it was not as big of an issue. That way, he would not have to take action towards fixing the problem, which in turn would keep his supporters happy. Unfortunately, the only person who remains happy is the president, and only for as long as his secret is kept. Because such actions were committed, the global climate change problem has gone further downhill than it had to for the sake of popularity.

H.O.T. Log #6

Does global warming affect the politics of the rest of the world’s relationship with the U.S.?
In the past decade or so, the U.S.’s affiliations with several other countries have been tense for one reason or another. With France, it was all about the Iraq war. The U.S. was on edge with South Korea due to suspicious nuclear weapons testing. One of the most infamous ones though was the relationship with China. The way China is run and the way the U.S. is could not be any more different. While we are a democratic country, they are a communist state. Our views on human rights and religious freedoms are dramatically different and for that reason, the United States and China’s relationship has been strained for many years. Not to mention the fact that of all countries that we are in debt too, we are in it most heavily to China. But now, we have an opportunity to come together for one common goal: helping solve global warming. Last year, China actually surpassed the United States in emitting the most greenhouse gases. For that reason, Hillary Clinton reached out to the estranged country in hopes of making both countries more efficient. Considering China and the United States are two of the main contributors to greenhouse emissions, it is vital that they make a change, soon, before both countries become too dependent on the very things that create the emissions. They have even thought up some ways lessen the emissions including using a gas-fired power plant that produces less than half the emissions of a normal plant. Already, the relationship has seemed to be mending little by little. Before this, the U.S. was wary that China would lessen the amount of U.S. treasury notes it was buying but China has now assured them that this is not the case. This dramatically affects the economy because there is less of a worry about the deficit spending being negatively impacted. If global warming had not been such an issue, Clinton might not have had a reason to reach out to China to collaborate. While it is unfortunate that it took such circumstances to reconcile, things are looking up in terms of finally making a breakthrough. Clinton said. "We have every reason to believe that the United States and China will recover and will help the world to recover."

Outline For Chapel:

a. What does the general population think it is
b. Basic Definition:
What is it?
c. Myth vs. Reality
d. Effects on Planet in the past
e. Effects on the Planet right now
f. What could this lead to in the next 10 years?
50 years?
100 years?
g. Why should we care?
h. What can we do to fix/slow it down?

News Article Summary:

The Green Electronics Cloak: Motorola's Cellphone From Recycled Plastic Water Bottles
Companies all over are changing how they market their products so they can jump on the "go green" band wagon.
Energy Tax Would Help Region Regain Primacy
The article is a proposal for the New England states to enact new taxes on things such as gas and home heating fuel. The money, which could be a much as 6 billion, could bring so many great things to the states including more funding for regional education and investments in energy saving.
Connecticut Seeing Green On Auto Emissions Standards
During Bush's presidency, he blocked several states including Connecticut from adopting strict auto emission standards that would force manufacturers to build cleaner cars. This is important because cars have such a negative effect on the environment. Obama lifted this block. The article also talks about the effect that global warming will have on the economy.
Environmentally Unfriendly Fuel
This article talks about the bad side of ethenol which includes destroying engines, costing billions of dollars to subsidize and bringing up the cost of food prices. Not only that, but an extremely large about of land and water will be needed to grow the corn, which in turn will effect the wildlife in a negative way.


1. After September 11th, America became obsessed with security and lost its path to global leadership.
2. This chapter focuses on energy supply and demand. Population is growing rapidly and therefore using up all the natural resources.. Plans are being thought up to solve problem
3. Media is misleading people into thinking that going green will be easy to achieve. The U.S. should set the right example by starting down the right path to really going green.
4. Just because certain countries are rich and successful because of the oil they have does not make them the best rules. They use their power sometimes for the wrong things.
5. The world has changed dramatically over time. Not all the changes have been bad and in the future, there will be many more to come. This is only the beginning of a very uncertain future.
6. The world should preserve all of its resources and animals before they no longer exist.
7. We should help third-world countries become less energy poverty stricken and in turn, it might help to end poverty in general.
8. If we crackdown and start taking action to fix global climate change, the effects could be tremendous. If people continue to think that global climate change is irreversible, it will be.

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