Our Chapel Text/Script. NB: we are writing our own text book here!

Taking our presentation to the community: April 16th

Must be mandatory
Videotape our presentations
Put it online
Ask leadership classes to show it (science)
Evening Presentation during study hall
(offer food/drinks)
Put it on youtube – elicit feedback

Assessment of Group Work on Chapel Outline

Group Analysis

Rate each criterion as:
Needs Much Improvement Needs Improvement Effective Very Effective Awesome
1. Consensus was built on how to attack the problem.
2. The group worked together to develop the outline.
3. The previous outlines were used.
4. The group utilized leadership skills to achieve the goal.
5. The group stayed on task/topic.

Self Analysis

1. What was your most effective contribution to the group? Why?
2. Were you as good a listener as a contributor?
3. Was there a point when you regretted not making a point?

• Planet Earth Intro
• Intro to our class
• Basic Description
• Group participation
• There has always been global climate change. Today we are seeing a more drastic change in our weather pattern and it is abnormal.
• With today’s current pattern that our Earth is following we will not be able to inhabit this planet.
• Began with Industrial Rev. has gotten worse over time.
• Explain carbon cycle and fossil fuel. Emphasize reduction of fossil fuels and discuss new sources of energy that we may use.
• Tina Fey Clip of Senator from Alaska
• Myth Fact segment
• Cities on the verge of destruction
• Wildlife in the verge of destruction
• Alternatives to Fossil fuels
• What Suffield Academy could do
• What can be done in college
• Close presentation
o Clip from NBC’s Heroes


What do they suffield students think Global Climate Change/ Global Warming is? (show video)
Give our basic definition- provide stats that support our ideas and show why "myth" stats are inaccurate
give real world examples of this problem
illustrate the negative future impacts- show clips from an inconvenient truth (states and countries "underwater")
propose our solutions
economy- explain why many think going green will be bad for the economy
give examples of how go green could actually be beneficial and stimulate economic growth

go over what we can do as individuals to put a stop to this erratic climate change
show clip from Heroes- "we all can be heroes"


I. Slideshow of clips from Planet Earth when everyone is walking in.
II. Brief Introduction of the Class
III. Background on climate change, how warming has accelerated lately-give statistics
IV. Talk about skeptics briefly- give as evidence as to why they’re wrong
V. Show the human impact on the world today
VI. What we can do to change/ slow down the climate change individually and as a school
VII. Show how the world will be if we don’t change in our lifetime.

Our work with processing our outline:

Brooke and Kohei

I. Have a slide show of pictures and clips from Planet Earth on silent during the presentation in the background so people don’t get bored of us just talking
II. Hand out pamphlets as they walk in so that they can follow along, make sure to have recycling bins on the way out to set an example
III. Show what is happening, a history of Global climate and change
a. Talk about how people don’t believe in it, Global change is a fact, has been happening and is happening
b. Show the human impact and difference on the world today
IV. Talk about and show what we can do to enhance the world today, slow down climate change
a. Have the slide show go along with what we are talking about
b. Say how if we don’t do anything people will need to worry not only about the future but rather what is changing right now
c. Explain the importance of the polar ice caps
d. Sow what the world would be like if we didn’t change
V. Show clips from The 11th Hour and An inconvenient Truth

Pat and Leah's Outline

I. Introduce Class- who we are, what we've been studying II. State what global climate change is-statistics/evidence of Global Climate change
III. Skeptics- prove that they’re wrong
IV. Reasons why we should care/what would happen if we don’t change
V. How we can change individually and school wide.
VI. Conclusion with video (has to be interesting)
Interesting videos (inconvenient truth, 11th hour), PowerPoint presentation, animations

Adam and Randy Outline

1. We should start of by explaining what global climate change is
2. The talk about the effects on the world
3. Talk about the effects on our community
4. Talk about things we can do as a school
5. Speak on economical benefits
6. Long term benefits
7. Talk about how better our world will be once this problem is solved

Amanda and Emily's Outline

Opening Question- ask the audience if they believe Global Warming is a myth
Power Point
Define Global Climate Change
Give basic current statistics from those who think it is a myth
give our statistics
ask they audience if they can think of any real world examples/events
ex- forest fires, droughts,etc.
name the more severe occurrences caused by Global Climate Change
ex- Hurricane Katrina
talk about carbon footprint- give everyday examples
ask students if they can name any industries, companies, or countries that are big contributors to global warming
ask students questions about what they think the future impacts will be
(show clips from the movies we have seen, ex- An Inconvenient Truth)
can ask students to raise their hands if they are from countries that will suffer most damage

Part 2:
Ask the audience what they think we can do to decrease carbon footprint and discuss what has already been done
ask what we can do as a school-come up with project for next year
ask students to raise hands once more if they believe Global Warming is still a myth

Meg and Tommaso

a. What does the general population think it is
b. Basic Definition:
What is it?
c. Myth vs. Reality
d. Effects on Planet in the past
e. Effects on the Planet right now
f. What could this lead to in the next 10 years?
50 years?
100 years?
g. Why should we care?
h. What can we do to fix/slow it down?