Research Skills

What is the attitude or disposition required to conduct research on the web? Your words were: patience, inquisitive, eclectic, steady, mental resilience, persistence.

Some paths of good research: First, find a good source; once you have a good source, exploit it. Cull from the article key terms about your topic and begin a good list on your Chapel Group page. Then research the key players in your story. Finally, discuss with others and check other bibliography lists (such as the ones in Friedman's book) about good sources for your topic. For instance, the economic group should have The Wall Street Journal as an important source. The Science group should have Nature.

What is a good list of key terms about our topic? Here's a glossary from the International Panel on Climate Change:

Your Chapel Group page should include these research elements (players, terms, sources) on each Chapel Group page:
Also, since it is a great text for our class, supply take-aways from Hot, Flat, Crowded:
  • three most important take-aways from Friedman for your Chapel Group;
  • three most important players from Friedman for your Chapel Group;
  • three most important key-terms from Friedman for your Chapel Group;
  • three most important key players from Friedman for your Chapel Group.

Now when you research, you can utilize advanced search methods with specific key elements (players, terms, sources); consider these three different paths to pursue deeper into your topic; of course, the more fluent we become with our topic, the more we will understand the key players and terms as well as a good understanding of the peripheral issues. Seven steps of the Research Process:

Annotations for new articles/links: be sure to summarize in two sentences and evaluate the source's usefulness in two more sentences. Reflect on how useful this article may be for our future chapel presentation.

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

Social Networking in Plain English. How can we use social networking as a research tool?

What are research tools and methods that you know of from other classes or experiences?

Students can post entries below:
Type important words(sentences) you need to reserch on gogle bar-Kohei
Look through magazines-Time, People etc. to find methods and ideas to solve our current global problem.-Tommaso
Use your library to use encyclopedia and farmers almanac, to notice how the temperatures and weather patterns change-Adam Booth
Recording Global Warming segments on CNN and other current event stations.
Use the school data bases to research information
Look for articles in newspapers - Pat